Glass Worktops

Glass Worktops Feature

Our glass worktops are produced using Low Iron Glass, this gives a crystal clear appearance rather than having a green edge that normal float glass produces. Any paint that is then applied will not be distorted in colour by the slight green tint found in normal glass. The glass is toughened as standard.

Generally glass worktops would be produced using 19mm thick glass, other thickness are available including 10, 12, 15mm. Most shapes can also be cut including circles, radius ends.

Dream Doors Glass Worktop

Strengths of glass worktops include:

  • Crystal Clear Appearance.
  • Paint isn’t Distorted in Colour Like Other Brands.
  • Flat Polished Edge.
  • Can Be produced with CNC Cut Outs for Hobs.
  • Available in a Wide Variety of Sprays and Finishes.
  • Don’t easily break or scratch.
  • Gives your kitchen an ethereal look.
  • Reflective so can create the illusion of space in smaller kitchens.

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