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The Environmentally Friendly Option

Most kitchen carcasses can last up to 20 years… so why replace them? By just changing the doors and drawers in a kitchen and retaining carcasses or units that are perfectly sound, there is far less waste than in needlessly throwing away good furniture. In the 21st century, we all need to be conscious of the impact on our surroundings and recycle, recycle, recycle!

Dream Doors Eco Friendly

In using a local company, you are also offsetting the carbon footprint of other businesses that will send a salesman from miles away, adding to pollution. At an agreed time, we’ll deliver your new kitchen doors, handles and worktops and then totally dismantle, remove and dispose of your old ones in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Less waste by only replacing what is needed
  • All doors made from sustainable sources
  • UK manufactured, so lower carbon footprint
  • Factory’s heating system fuelled by the company’s own wood waste

Dream Doors Eco FriendlyDon’t Throw it All Away!

With a Dream Doors kitchen makeover, there is no need to hire skips… no need to make multiple visits to the tip… no need to fill your garage with trashed kitchen junk. So, less trips in vehicles helps to save the planet. A makeover will save you time and money and helps you do your bit for the environment also!

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