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Dream Doors Newport VanillaAccording to an article by The Independent, the kitchen is both the most valuable and increasingly, the most used part of any household. Whether it’s preparing dinner for the kids, hosting parties for friends or relaxing to the sound of the radio, most of us spend countless hours in the familiar surroundings of the kitchen area.

Do you prefer the warm, rustic charm of a traditional kitchen style? Or perhaps the modern and elegant features of a contemporary kitchen? After all, everyone has a preference for an ideal kitchen look.

Dream Doors Lincoln High Gloss WhiteAt Dream Doors, we can help you decide on your ideal kitchen look and walk you through the various options that will really bring your kitchen space to life. We offer everything from cupboard doors and handles to work surfaces and appliances. We cater for kitchen services of any size!

Come browse the different styles we offer and get inspired! Want us to create the perfect kitchen for you? Then get in touch today!

Traditional Kitchens

Dream Doors Warwick Vanilla

Traditional kitchens are perfect for those who appreciate the warmth, elegance and sophistication of a classically designed kitchen. Perhaps you love the idea of a rustic farmhouse kitchen, complete with hanging copper pans, stacked china and dark grain wood?

Maybe you prefer the clean, sophisticated appeal of a classic white kitchen? Whatever the traditional style your looking for rest assured that we stock a wide range of kitchen doors, drawers, appliances and accessories. We have a huge array of options, meaning the only limit to your kitchen is your own imagination!

Dream Doors Warwick Oakgrain MusselOne of our most popular styles is the cream-effect kitchen below. This look comes complete with a practical central island and finished in a combination of both classic and modern finishes. Want to know how it’s done? Well…

1) Replace existing kitchen doors with classic cream doors
2) Add wooden handles that complement the doors’ design
3) Complete with wooden worktops to complete the kitchen makeover


Classic Kitchens

Dream Doors Shaker Autumn Plum

Are traditional designs not for you? Fancy something fresh, modern and bespoke? At Dream Doors, we can transform your existing kitchen into a classic masterpiece quickly, easily and for less than a full refit!

Classic kitchens are a perfect way to reflect your creativity and freethinking attitude. a classic kitchen truly radiates class, prestige and uniqueness.

Dream Doors Scoop Light FerraraYou may be surprised to know that this look can be achieved already, using your existing kitchen. That’s right- a newly installed kitchen at a fraction of the price!

Here’s how we created the look:
1) Installed new kitchen doors and drawers, complete with vertical, modern handles
2) Generated smooth lines with curved kitchen units and a breakfast bar
3) Added an aluminium-effect worktop to tie the look together


Modern Kitchens

Dream Doors Modern Metallic Blue

Are you looking for a modern kitchen reminiscent of trendy city apartments? Perhaps you’re after a more minimal look? Whichever contemporary kitchen takes your fancy, we can transform any kitchen into the modern kitchen of your dreams, quickly and easily.

From glossy replacement kitchen doors to state-of-the-art kitchen appliances that will leave you in awe, we have an option to suit every taste and budget.

Dream Doors Metallic AnthraciteBelow, you’ll see an example of one of our contemporary kitchens. It’s bold, classy and sophisticated- guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your visitors. Worried about the cost? You shouldn’t be! Achieving a look like this costs a lot less than you may expect.

we can create this incredible look in your kitchen by making a few simple changes. Here’s how we do it:
1) Replace the existing kitchen doors with High Gloss Pisa doors
2) Add stainless steel handles to achieve that modernist look
3) Replace the old work surface with a sleek, granite worktop


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