Dream Doors FAQ

Q. Do you just do kitchen doors?

A. No, we do as little and as much as you need. Of course, if you just need kitchen door replacements then we can certainly help but we can also do so much more, all the way to a full kitchen refit. Let us know how you want to improve your kitchen and we’ll do our best to make it a reality.

Q. How much are your doors?

A. We are bespoke so it depends on the size of the door, why not have a free no-obligation quote?

Q. How do you ensure that the new hinges on new doors will fit exactly where the old ones did?

A. Our doors come without hinge holes, we will drill the holes on site to match exactly where the old hinges fitted.

Q. Which showroom should I visit?

A. Each of our showrooms cover specific postcodes, so whichever operates in your area! To find this out you can use our showroom locator here.

Q. What small design changes can I make to get more out of my kitchen?

A. We are always looking to help to maximise the potential in your kitchen and will help you understand what is possible and what would be best for you. We consider power supply, water pressure, storage space savers and the latest kitchen equipment and appliances.

Q. Will you supply just the door and drawer fronts? I am a bit of a handy man and should be able to fit them myself.

A. Certainly, but we must warn you that if you order just doors and drawers, when they arrive you are on your own. We will not aid with fitting but can provide doors with pre-drilled hinge holes if requested. We have slightly different terms for what we call a “supply only” requirement, ask at your local showroom for more information.

Q. What is an Overlay worktop?

A. A worktop overlay is when we attach a specific layer over your old worktop, creating a new look without having to damage or replace your current worktop.

Q. My doors are an unusual size; would you still be able provide for me?

A. Yes, our products are made to measure, meaning we can supply doors of any size. No matter what quirky size your door may be, we can supply it.

Q. Will my tiles break during a worktop change?

A. We will always endeavour to protect your tiles, although it isn’t always possible as it may be impossible to move the worktop.

Q. Do you do appliances?

A. Yes, we can supply any appliance you could possibly need form most manufacturers, including: Microwaves, ovens etc. We may even have some fantastic appliance storage solutions to help you make the most of your kitchen space.

Q. What sink and tap products do you use?

A. Franke Blanco Carron Phoenix.

Q. Do you use your own fitters?

A. All fitters we use are associated with Dream Doors. They fall into two categories. Some fitters are on the books, meaning they are directly employed by the branch. sub-contractors whom work freelance are not directly employed by Dream Doors, although often work closely with the showroom.

Q. Are you independently moderated and vetted?

A. Yes, Checkatrade, a company that checks and vets various trades, is a Dream Doors partner. Each showroom has their own Checkatrade page with honest customer reviews and scores. Dream doors has excelled in these reviews, earning a nationwide score of 9.7!

Q. Do I Have to stay at home during delivery days?

A. No.

Q. Have you won any awards?

A. Many. So far around 28 awards have been awarded to Dream Doors, such as the bfa’s ‘Franchisor of the Year Award’. We are proud of the work we do and are fortunate enough to have the awards to show for it.

Q. How quick is your service?

A. Since we do as little or as much as you want our service time varies from job to job. Although, a simple door replacement can take as little as 2 days!

Q. Do you support each of your showrooms?

A. Every single one of our showrooms benefit from support from the brand itself and head office. Support ranges from a comprehensive training course to having a business development manager assigned to oversee and assist in business and management.

Q. Do I have to go through a system to contact the showroom owner?

A. Not at all, clients have a constant direct line to the showroom owner and are welcome to discuss any enquiries directly with them.

Q. What if my product arrives damaged?

A. It is highly unlikely as all materials are checked for damage before being set to the work site. If, however there are issues we will endeavour to replace the products as soon as possible.

Q. Do I have to pay for everything up front?

A. After you agree to the quotation we provide you will only have to pay an initial 50% deposit. you will pay the other 50% only when you are completely satisfied with our work.

Q. Are your salesmen going to be pushy?

A. There is no hard sell at Dream Doors. We will visit your home, assess your needs and discuss every possibility. Once everything is discussed we will provide a FREE no obligation quote. You decide what happens from here, you can accept our services right there or think on it, it’s entirely up to you!

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