Social Kitchen Activities

The kitchen has always been the heart of every home, where we create and socialise. Most kitchens aren’t designed and used solely for cooking but also for living; the kitchen is a space where we can spend quality time with our family and friends.

At Dream Doors we have been thinking of different ways you can spend and enjoy time in the kitchen and have come up with this list of social kitchen activities:

 social kitchen activities


Murder Mystery

This a great event that can be hosted at your own home. You can buy boxsets that contain everything you need to plan and host your very own murder mystery party at minimal cost. Send out formal invitations to friends and family with a description of their character, costume etc. You can plan your menu accordingly; lay on a splendid feast or keep it simple. You are likely to need to plan several courses though, as these boxsets often come with a plan that revolves around courses. Decorate, set the table, get the food cooking and watch your guests turn up in their glad-rags. This guarantees to be a memorable night, fun for everyone involved.


Make a Recipe Book

This is a wonderful way to record your best recipes and would also make a great gift for friends and family. Take photos of your cooking/baking process and the final result. It would also be nice if you had some photos of yourself and your family cooking and eating the meals to include in the book to make it personal. You could even upload your recipes to a blog online to share your tips and tricks with others across the world. Write everything down in a book, printing and gluing photos in as you go. Alternatively, you could record all your content on the computer and get a book printed.


Transform Your Kitchen

Transport people to another world, county or time when they enter the kitchen. Decorate your kitchen with temporary decorations and accessories. Perhaps your husband used to dream of being an astronaut – turn you kitchen into space for a week using glow in the dark plastic stars to make star constellations around the room. Use a glow lamp at the centre of the table, hang planets from the ceiling etc. the possibilities are endless. Maybe your daughter has always wanted to go to a tropical rainforest – play atmospheric music, decorate with leaves, flowers, animal toys, etc. Hang vines made from crepe paper from the ceiling and in the doorway. Using crepe paper you could even make a stream on the floor and put stepping stones down that you have to use to get into the kitchen. You could even experience different cultures by decorating the kitchen as different countries, cooking authentic recipes, playing traditional music and wearing traditional accessories. This is not only great fun but also a great way to educate children.


Grow Your Own Herbs

Make some space in your kitchen, ideally on a windowsill where your herbs will get some sunlight. We all like having herbs handy when it comes to cooking, so why not try and grow your own. Choose your favourite herbs and plant in a decorative tray/pot. Water and nurture your herbs, then watch them grow. Depending on your choice of herbs you may need to dry them out: cut them when ready and tie the stems together using a piece of string, then hang up in the kitchen. This will not only be a useful ingredient but will also make a quaint decoration and your kitchen will smell amazing!


Flavoured Oil or Salt

This is a simple process that can transform a simple ingredient into something special. Pour some olive oil into a glass bottle and add your choice of flavouring: dried rosemary, basil leaves, a few drops of lemon juice, dried chillies, roasted nuts, lavender, garlic etc. You could also flavour salt: just pour some sea salt into a jar and add a dried ingredient of your choice. Not only can you use these in cooking but you could also give them as gifts or place them on the table besides your home-grown potted herbs, so your guests can flavour their meals.


Table-Top Ping Pong

This is great fun for all the family but if you do decide to give this a go, make sure you take precautions by putting away any precious items the ball might break, or alternatively hang up a bedsheet/towel to stop the ball entering areas you don’t want it to reach.


Board Games

After dinner, clear the table and set-up one of the family’s favourite board games. This is a great way to spend some quality time together after a family dinner. Put some snacks on the table and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate whilst you play. You could even have some cupcakes or brownies cooking in the oven to make the kitchen smell delicious and to be used as a prize to motivate the players.


Baking Competition

Host your very own British Bake Off, where contestants have to bake their own cakes and then you can get someone else to judge. Then sit down to watch a film together whilst enjoying your freshly baked cakes (the winner could pick the film as a reward).


Science Experiments

Science experiments are a great way to educate and have fun, and the kitchen is a great place to host simple safe experiments, with numerous ingredients and utilities available to you. Get colourful with pasta – add a couple of drops of food colouring when your boiling noodles or pasta to create an artistic meal. Create a small eruption with vinegar and baking soda – make a volcano using papier-mâché and a plastic bottle containing baking powder, then pour the vinegar (and red food dye) in and watch the volcano explode.


Homes are becoming more kitchen-centric than ever before, so with more time being spent in your kitchen why not consider a kitchen makeover to accommodate for all of your needs. It is important that we enjoy the spaces we live and work in which is why Dream Doors love helping create the perfect space for you and your family.




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