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Dream Doors Fun in the Kitchen

Fun in the Kitchen

The Kitchen has always been the heart of the home. Why not use it for something other than cooking and cleaning? Have some Fun in the Kitchen

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Dream Doors Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night- From Your Own Home

Its that time of year again! Although not everyone wants to travel somewhere to enjoy the festivities. Why not take our advice and have a fantastic Bonfire Night- From Your Own Home.

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Dream Doors Discount

10% Senior Discount for over 60’s

We have huge respect for our senior citizens, they are most of our customers after all! as such we've decided to give a 10% Senior Discount for Over 60's

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Dream Doors Halloween Origins

The origins of Halloween

Have you ever wondered where our Halloween traditions come from? Our trick or treats and scary decorations? Then sit, hear our tale of The Origins of Halloween.

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Dream Doors Halloween

Halloween Decorations to Get Your Skin Crawling

Need help making your house haunted? Want to scare your visitors? Trying to achieve the festive look? Then check out our guide on Halloween Decorations to Get Your Skin Crawling

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Dream Doors Halloween Film

Best non-horror films to watch this Halloween

Halloween is the holiday dedicated to the creepy, crawly, sick and scary. Although some of us would like something less terrifying and more playful. If that sounds like you then check out our list of Best Non-Horror Films to Watch this Halloween.

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Dream Doors Healthy Winter

Foods to keep you healthy during the winter

The summer days are over, the last months are settling in, you know what that means. Isn't it about time you considered Foods to keep you healthy during the winter?

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Dream Doors 50,000 Makeover

Dream Doors celebrates its 50,000th kitchen makeover

Kitchen makeover specialist Dream Doors is celebrating the sale of its 50,000th kitchen makeover. See makeover

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Dream Doors Appliance

Kitchen appliances to make your life easier

Looking for something to "spice" up your kitchen life? Great products at an affordable price. Check out our personal list of Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Life Easier

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Dream Doors Reading and Wokingham Opening

Kitchen makeovers come to Caversham

Residents of Caversham and the surrounding area now have the opportunity to transform their kitchen, thanks to the gala opening of a new Dream Doors showroom.

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Dream Doors Dining

Essential Dining Etiquette

Hosting a meal or invited to one? Either way, no doubt you'll have to be on your best behaviour. So take a look at our guide on Essential Dining Etiquette.

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Dream Doors Loughton and Ilford Opening

New showroom brings kitchen makeovers to Ilford

Kitchen makeover firm Dream Doors opened its latest UK showroom in Ilford today (16 September), in a ceremony that saw Redbridge Town Mayor, Cllr Gurdial Bhamra cut the ribbon to officially open the new showroom.Read more

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