Our Guide to a Green Kitchen

Dream Doors Greener Kitchen

Various projects and procedures to save the environment are coming into motion-and for good reason! The earth is heating up and soon many things we take for granted will be taken away from us. For example, its estimated that in around 50 years crops will yield half the results that they currently do.


To fight this oncoming dilemma, why not go the extra mile and do the little things to help? Remember to recycle, reuse and, most importantly, make your living space eco-friendly. One of the biggest contributors to waste and pollution could be the kitchen. So, we at Dream Doors, armed with our years of kitchen knowledge, have decided to come up with some handy eco tips.


Follow these and you’ll be doing your part towards a greener tomorrow! What could be better than that?



Dream Doors Dishwasher

Sure, many people say that washing by hand uses more water than the dishwasher (37% to be exact!) Although, if your smart and fill half the sink will soapy water and the other half with rinse water. In the end, you could save up to half the amount of water that would be used in the dishwasher!


Sure, this may not always work as you may have a huge amount of washing that needs to be done which would require you to change your water when it gets too dirty. If you definitely have to use your dishwasher just make sure it’s completely filled to make the most of it. Also, does your machine have an “economy” setting? Turn it on!


Make It Last

Dream Doors Utensils

It’s pretty simple, buy things that will last! Be sure to choose cookware and utensils that will stand the test of time. This means ditching the Teflon and opting for more reliable stainless steel or cast iron products instead. After all, a good cast iron skillet could last generations! Wooden spoons can rot and plastic can melt, so replace them with better alternatives.


If your dedicated then a few high-quality knives can last a lifetime, just remember to sharpen them by hand. Finally, say no to kitchen paper and use long-lasting cloth towels instead. See? We’re already making progress!


Smaller Meals- Smaller Means

Dream Doors Meal

You don’t have to fire up the full-size oven for all your meals, instead, switch to a toaster oven, microwave or slow cooker. Doing this can reduce energy by 30%. In the summer, using a microwave can cause less heat to enter the kitchen. Thus, cutting down on unwanted air conditioning bills.


When using the stove be sure to use the smallest pot or pan to do the job, matching it to the burner size. Furthermore, cooking without lids can use up to three times more energy. Some food can even cook itself, just turn the stove off when the water has come to a boil.


Keep An Eye On The Fridge

Dream Doors Fridge

Don’t browse in the fridge for a long time, the longer it’s open, the more energy you waste.


Also, be sure to check that your fridge door closes securely, you may have to test its rubber-like seals.


Do you really need that extra fridge space? Keeping a single efficient fridge is much more cost effective than running two smaller ones.


Got an old fridge running in the garage? Get rid of it, after all, would you really miss it?


Stock Up On Your Own Bags

Dream Doors Shopping

Forgot a bag when shopping? Got to pay 5p for a plastic one? Shame. But don’t just do the simple thing and throw the bag away, keep a stash of them for useful occasions. These cheap bags can have way more uses then just shopping, such as emergency bin bags.


The most efficient thing to do would be, of course, to buy some strong long-life bags and remember to take them with you shopping. Are you always forgetting? Store some in the car just in case!


Always Bulk Up

Dream Doors Bulk

Purchasing a large number of products at once means less packaging, fewer trips to the shop and even financial savings. If there’s a good deal on bulk products, take advantage!


Remember to cook in bulk too! Doing this makes more efficient use of your appliances and your time. For example, you could cook up a large batch of soup and keep a lot of it as leftovers, supper anyone? Planning your meals ahead and cooking in bulk can provide great energy savings!


A Bit Of DIY

Dream Doors DIY

Why purchase premade frozen food and meals when you could make them yourself from fresh at home? Doing this cuts out your food life cycle e.g. The energy usually spent in keeping the food refrigerated. Every little helps!


An added bonus to preparing your own meals is you know exactly where the produce came from. You could even take it a step further and grow your very own vegetables, using composted kitchen waste as fertiliser. This could save money and energy, plus it’s a neat hobby!

How many of these tips will you follow? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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