Many of the kitchen headaches being experienced by homeowners across the UK are being alleviated with this range of quirky gadgets.

From see-through toasters that deliver perfectly bronzed bread to devices that promise the perfect omelette every time- these incredible gadgets are set to change your life in the kitchen forever.



A finalist in the James Dyson Awards 2014, the Miito solves a very real issue in the kitchen; the tedious and often expensive wait for a kettle to boil. By switching to Miito- a system that heats liquid inside your mug using an induction plate and a magnetic metal rod- you can expect to save around £80 a year. Rather impressively, the Miito system is completely limescale resistant and works with practically any mug and any liquid. So, whether you’d prefer hot chocolate or a humble tea; the Miito is for you.

Magimix Vision Clear View Toaster


Whether you prefer your toast incinerated or lightly bronzed, the Magimix Vision Toaster ensures perfection each and every time. Featuring completely transparent side panels, you can quite literally watch your bread being toasted and thus avoid the frustration of a substandard breakfast before running out of the door to work.

The Spiralizer


An increasingly popular choice in our health-conscious society, the Spiralizer uses vegetables to make ‘zoodles’; long strings of vegetables that can be used to create an array of dishes. With an undeniable novelty factor, the Spiralizer is a great tool for engaging kids in the kitchen and encouraging them to adopt healthy eating habits, long-term.

The ButterUp Knife


A wonderfully simple yet incredibly effective kitchen utensil, the ButterUp knife features an in-built grater that gently collects butter on the blade. Removing the frustration of tearing through delicate bread and toast, the ButterUp also has a serrated edge to make cutting a doddle. Although the ButterUp knife isn’t available in shops just yet, it is due to be launched soon at a retail price of around £5. Keep your eyes peeled!

The Rösle Egg Topper

egg topper

For those of us who end up with mouthfuls of shell after cutting the tops off our eggs, there’s the ingenious Rösle. Designed to neatly slot over your cooked egg, the Rösle Egg Topper cuts and removes unwanted shell for quick and pain-free access. Once you get one, you’ll probably wonder how you lived without it!

The Rollie Eggmaster


You’ll never look at eggs the same way again with the Rollie Eggmaster. Already a huge hit in America, the Rollie essentially creates rolled omelettes quickly and easily. Simply crack your eggs, throw in your ingredients and let the vertical grilling system create a flawless omelette in minutes. Perfection and no more egg stained pans- what’s not to like?

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